At present, we are dealing only with issues in relation to work permits, visas, and family reunification.

This is an area in constant flux and a thorough understanding of the Government’s Departments and their workings is needed to assist in making an application as efficient as possible. Ineffective applications and contacts can lead to frustration and resignation on the part of an applicant. The process can seem unfair and harsh when the outcome is not the one sought.
What we do
We have been representing clients in the Irish Criminal Courts for generations and we have the experience and expertise to ensure that we get the best possible outcome for our clients. We can advise you and represent you in your dealings with the Criminal Courts. This is no place for uncertainty or inexperience, you need good reliable advice and someone to fight your corner. That’s what we’re there for, so whether its a road traffic offence or a civil disturbance, we’ll be on your side. We act in cases dealing with;

We work with our clients to provide both legal as well as practical advice on how to make an application.

Specifically we can advise on:
* Naturalisation
* Work Permits
* Asylum
* Right to reside
* Family re-unification
* Entry visas

Our team and who to Contact
For more information please contact Elizabeth Dowling or Frank Halley on 051 874 073 or email