Proceedings were taken on behalf of a lady who, having been admitted to hospital, was diagnosed with pericarditis (swelling of the membranes around the heart). She was treated and discharged 2 days later.

She was readmitted the following day and diagnosed with cardiac tamponade (fluid around the heart which causes compression). A decision was made to carry out an emergency procedure, and during this procedure, the right ventricle of the heart was punctured by the doctor carrying out the procedure. The patient had to be transferred to Cork as an emergency and she had to have open heart surgery there to repair the damage.

Proceedings against the HSE were at an advanced stage when the case settled out of Court.


Proceedings were taken by us on behalf of a client who was admitted to hospital complaining of severe pain in the abdomen, and diagnosed with suspected appendicitis. The plan was that a CT scan was to be performed to confirm the diagnosis, however the following day, before the scan was performed, she became violently ill and on then being scanned, was informed that her appendix had ruptured and that she required emergency surgery.

The consultant engaged by us was not only critical of the delay in performing the CT scan to diagnose the appendicitis, he was also critical of the type of incision used by the surgeon performing the surgery.As a result, the client went on to develop a large incisional hernia, for which the client had to have further surgery to repair this.

The case was recently settled out of Court within weeks of it being listed for hearing for a substantial sum.


We represented a gentleman who attended at hospital for repair of an inguinal hernia. Following the surgical repair, he had severe pain. He was discharged, whilst still in pain. The day following discharge, he had to go back to the Emergency Department, due to the severity of the pain. Scans and tests were carried out and it was diagnosed that one of his testicles had become ischaemic. This was caused by damage to the blood supply to the testicle due to poor surgical technique. The testicle had to be surgically removed.

Proceedings were taken against the HSE and were at an advanced stage. The case settled out of Court.