Emmet Halley recently settled a medical negligence action for a client who was a private patient of a consultant dermatologist.  The client attended the consultant a number of years ago for advice and treatment regarding a mole on her neck. An excision of the mole was carried out by the consultant and was sent for histopathology testing.

The lab result clearly identified pre-cancerous cells and advised that a further wider excision be carried out, however when the client attended the consultant for review,  he assured her that she did not in fact require that procedure and he advised her that no further follow up was necessary.

Some years later the client attended with her General Practitioner in respect of unrelated matters and the GP noted a significant mole at the same location.  The client was immediately referred to another Consultant Dermatologist, who immediately diagnosed the mole as being a melanoma, and cancerous. As a result the client had to undergo invasive and extensive surgery under general anaesthetic to remove the growth.

High Court proceedings were taken and were strenuously defended. The case was listed for trial in July 2016, however a settlement for a substantial sum was reached shortly before it was due to go to trial.